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302-310 Sheridan Street, Cairns

Interior Engineering are proud to announce their involvement in delivering a commercial building on Sheridan Street, Cairns (Cape York Partnership Office) in conjunction with Kevin O’Brien Architects.

This Building has won the 2016 QLD AIA, Far North Region: Eddie Oribin Award for Building of the Year and is now in the running for state awards.

Interior Engineering provided the mechanical, electrical (including external lighting), hydraulic and security design and consultancy services for this greenfield project.

The main focus of the design was the Architect’s vision of “reducing structure and material by expressing it as a matter of efficiency and culture” which Interior Engineering delivered through seamless integration of the building services. Lighting within the building was chosen to highlight the feature timber ceiling by using suspended direct/indirect lighting.  Additionally accent lighting was utilised at the reception to draw attention to the area from the main entrance.

Congratulations to Kevin O’Brien Architects.