Technology One – Green Column

Completed: July 2015    Client: Incorp   

Located in the middle of a breakout area on level 5 of the HQ North Building, the Green column lighting design presented a number of challenges. The first challenge was to provide lighting levels of 3000lux with the specific spectral wavelengths at the peaks of 440nm for seed germination and 660nm for peak plant growth. Detailed investigation determined that metal halide illumination was the appropriate light source that was able to deliver these specific wavelengths. The second challenge was the magnitude of the 7m green column in the middle of a breakout space and the necessity for visual comfort. Lighting had to be well-controlled to eliminate direct glare from the fittings as well as reflected glare on the large media screens. The design solution utilised accessories such as barn-doors and vertical spread-lenses to vertically mask the light to the shape of the green column and minimise stray light. A series of 70W & 150W HIT were selected to ensure even lighting distribution to the plants. Digital control of the luminaires was incorporated to provide illumination that suited the biological patterns of the plants.

A successful installation was achieved and plants are now thriving.