As a part of the ongoing upgrading of 239 George Street into a more efficient and engaging building for its Tenants the entire Ground floor entry foyer and lift lobby has been redesigned and refurbished from a common thoroughfare into a vibrant destination and meeting place.

The Client’s Brief was to create a space with a sophisticated yet inviting colour palate using quality materials and fittings. The environment was to be well illuminated yet more energy efficient.

The design intent was to create additional space for patrons of the existing coffee shop to relax and collaborate while retaining the identity of the Building’s foyer as a focal point.

It was necessary for the foyer to remain accessible throughout the construction program and so works were staged to reduce the inconvenience to Tenants and the Coffee shop patrons.


A striking aspect of the design solution was the use of minimalist LED strip lighting throughout the general areas and the layering of recessed and suspended lighting solutions to enhance the environment.