Green Square owner ISPT made the decision to refresh the existing lobby space to increase the buildings overall appeal to existing and prospective tenants and add value to the complex. The designers at Geyer created a unique and sculptural timber element that both transforms and defines the foyer space.

The timber element was designed to respond to the challenging existing building constraints. Its form transforms through the space to conceal a low-height service corridor in the ceiling void above the timber where mechanical plant is located. “Skylights” in the timber ceiling are achieved using Barrisol lighting to blend in with the natural feel to the foyer. Custom built cylindrical lighting was incorporated to enhance the circular elements of the skylights and fit in with the changing heights of the ceilings. Linear lighting features were selected to match the width of the timber and blend in with the lines of the ceiling.

The final result was a timeless finish that transformed the foyers into welcoming and invigorating spaces while blending with the existing architecture of the building and environmental considerations.