• Structured cabling systems
  • Fibre optical design
  • Computer room design
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Telecommunications
  • NBN Accredited Design
  • Master Antennae Television Systems

Communications is the backbone of most companies and ensuring the correct system is installed is paramount. Structured cabling designs, computer room layouts and equipment racking systems are just some of the services provided to assist Client’s with their communication needs. Ensuring the Client has a hassle free system for implementation of office change overs and ensuring no down time is an essential part of the services provided.

Ongoing safety and protection of essential computing services is also a priority. Interior Engineering design computer environmental monitoring systems to help protect your valuable assets. Integrating with our Mechanical and Fire Protection Engineers, we provide systems to monitor and alert areas such as air conditioning systems, humidity control, smoke detection, power failures, UPS alarms and many more environmental conditions.